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Sarah Perez is nothing short of amazing. When my past lawyer dropped me less than 6 months before filing cut off for a false claim from a insurance adjuster. I was in sheer panic. I scrambled trying to find someone to represent my car accident injury case. Sarah eagerly stepped up to the plate. She said, it's a tough case but I think we can do it. We started at a $0 willingness from the other party. She ended up getting me way more than I imagined. We ended up settling out of court however she was prepared to go the full mile if needed. Her office paid my medical Bill's and consolidated funds on my behalf. Took all the think work out of it for me. She made a very stressful situation way more bearable and was always there to answer questions and kept me up to date where everything was at during the case. I couldnt recommend Sarah enough. Her confidence with her work is more than wowing.

– Brie Hart

"The Bomb"

Don't waste your time and money on any other lawyer. Go talk to Ms. Perez about your case. Ms. Perez is going to keep it real with you. If she takes your case Sarah will put her all and all in it. Ms. Perez is a extremely dedicated and talented attorney. Her calm demeanor (when needed) with a twist of tenaciousness. Sarah is thorough and competent. I do not doubt Sarah in any court. She knows her stuff. Sarah will go to trial in a heartbeat. The Perez and Perez law firm was warm energy ,very professional and easy to communicate with. Courtesy court date reminders. Took messages and delivered them promptly. My case was extremely stressful to me. With Ms. Perez I felt at ease. I had and have great confidence in Sarah. Sarah always had my best interest in mind. Ms. Perez with all her dedication and hard work. Worth every penny, got my case DISMISSED!!! I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SARAH PEREZ!!! ❌⭕❌⭕

– Niko

Couldn't Have Asked for A Better Attorney

When faced with being charged with a DUI, Sarah took my case without hesitation. I could not have asked for a better outcome; she and Evan Apel worked very hard.

While fighting such an inconsistent "justice" system can be intimidating, Sarah is a firecracker in the courtroom and will work tirelessly to ensure the best outcome for your case.

– Sarah

Helped Me out A Great Deal.

Overall had a pleasant experience with the firm and with Sarah. Besides getting the results I was looking for I also noticed Sarah's confidence. Sarah under promised but over delivered. Her and her team went above and beyond my expectations. I and very happy with the way everything worked out. I would strongly recommend Sarah and Perez and Perez Law.

– Victor

Excellent Attorney

Sarah helped me through a case that could have had a big impact on my life. I was able to state my goals, and we achieved the result I sought. She is prompt in returning phone calls and emails, and is thorough in answering any questions you may have about the law or the legal process. She's tough as nails, and I highly recommend her.

– Anonymous

High Marks and Praise for A Result Driven Successful Attorney

Enrgetic, thorough, knowledgeable, competent and forceful. Esquire Sara Perez enjoys her work and more importantly enjoys winning for her clients. She presents herself in a professional manner and guides her clients down a road of success…..I highly recommend Ms. Perez and her law firm.

– Anonymous

Best of The West Coast Sarah Perez Criminal Defense Attorney

May i say that i am very proud and pleased with the results of my attorney who put forth the most effort and hard work for my case. Yes her name is Sarah Perez and if your struggling like me with a legal matter please please please just give her a call and she will grant you one of her spectacular free counsels for you at no charge. And she will explain in detail what she plans on doing for your case and what her strategies are for approaching the prosecuter with and all. Let me tell you she is a miracle that God put on this earth and i appreciate her and think and thank her everyday in my heart for not only dissmissing a very large and risky charge of a Theft in 1st degree but by also sticking by my side and owning her word by no extra charges to me as we were moving into a trial. All the staff and hard work she does is 100% Legit and Professional you cant do yourself a better favor than by choosing Sarah Perez to throw her hardcore game and get the case resolved like she did for me. I glad too say me my family my future for my kids is All Free now. No drama No charges no more court shes your problem solver trust me. I am a real person whos life and future was in danger with no crimal history

– Ashley

Very Pleased

My husband was hit by a car while riding his bike and we retained Ms. Perez to handle our personal injury case. We had never needed to hire an attorney for anything before (and had heard the usual lawyer stereotypes) so we were very happy to find that Sarah was hard-working, honest, and above all, responsive and very easy to get in touch with. She and her staff kept us up to date on every aspect of our case and she was always available for questions. When the insurance company tried to settle for less than what we were asking for, Sarah went to bat for us and pushed back. We ended up with a substantial settlement and a lot of peace of mind. We would hire her again in a heartbeat!

– Anonymous

I Highly Recommend Ms. Sarah Perez!

Ms. Sarah Perez and the Perez Law Team represented my brother in a criminal case. My brother could have faced years in jail if found guilty! We as a family were all afraid for him. After having to fire his first defense attorney for good and valid reasons and then going through a long and enduring process of interviewing many high profile attorneys in-state and out-of-state we finally wittled it down to one and went with the Perez Law Firm. We were very happy we did in the end for Sarah and her law team went aggressively against the state, who was charging my brother, and won! This is probably the first in a sexual assault charge for a jury to have decided and reached a "No Guilty" verdict in 7 minutes in history after the closing arguments were presented. This could be a record high and if I find out that it is I am going to report this event to the Guinese Book Of Records. In conclusion, if you want to win then choose Sarah Perez and the Perez Law Team! They defend aggressively to win and will not take the alternative! Your life is in good hands with Sarah Perez! I highly recommend Sarah, she's out there to win and will work tirelessly and aggressively for you to get there. She and her team are a "God-send". They promised and they delivered and they are awesome!! Honesty and the Facts are their best policy! Hire Sarah Perez, you'll be glad you did!!

– Anonymous

The Best Attorney

Sarah is great attorney ..
my first attorney told me to go fix my car which was going to cost me $12,000 which put me and my family in so much stress went to Sarah within 2 weeks she get me paycheck from Insurance company to buy a new car

– Fatima

“Mr. Perez and His Staff Were Always Courteous, Informative, Discreet and Caring.”

Through detailed interviews and investigation, Mr. Perez advised me honestly regarding the challenges and the best course of action in my situation and then allowed me to be a partner in deciding on and carrying out that joint vision. While representing me and preparing and presenting a top-notch, detailed presentation of the merits of my position in the case, Mr. Perez and his staff were always courteous, informative, discreet and caring. Although my case was probably successful based simply on the hard work Mr. Perez and his staff did prior to court, his professional manner, his confident presentation and his insight while in court contributed greatly to the successful resolution of my matter. The result was exactly what I had hoped for and relieved a great burden from my family and myself. It has made a significant difference in my life. Because of this, I am grateful to Mr. Perez for his professionalism, his expertise and his tireless efforts on my behalf. If I were to talk to someone seeking a criminal defense lawyer today, I couldn't recommend more highly Robert Perez.

– Anonymous

“I Am Very Grateful for Your Support During a Difficult Time in My Life.”

Robert, thank you again for handling my case with care. I believe in the justice system when you have the chance to show your side of the facts. On the surface, it was easy for the prosecution to predict an easy victory in my case. Child molestation charges are easy to make but really hard to deny. Because of the huge risk, I was almost ready to accept the SSOSA program recommend by the prosecutor, but, with your help, I kept my decision open given the lack of evidence. As the case progressed, it was clear that I could not settle for a SSOSA plea because I was innocent. You read through my case and asked important questions during some key interviews, which revealed inconsistencies in the witness statements. This put pressure on the prosecutor's case. As we proceeded to the eve of trial, that pressure intensified and ultimately the prosecution gave up. Incredibly, they dismissed the case completely, thanks to all your work. Not even a plea bargain, a complete dismissal. Early on when I met you, as part of your job, you had to tell me the possible negative outcomes for my life. Living with the prospect of going to jail or becoming a registered sex offender is very difficult. I realized the need to make a good choice on who I would have represent me. I'm very glad to have chosen you and your staff. Robert, you are professional. I learned a lot observing you in and out of court. You are well organized, with a great memory and empathic. I felt like you spent the time with my case, and I am very grateful for your support during a difficult time in my life.

– Anonymous

“Robert Takes His Job Very Seriously and Performs His Duties Thoroughly.”

I would absolutely recommend Robert to anyone in legal trouble. My mother was facing some very serious charges. Her immigration status further complicated matters. Robert and his staff were all very professional and extremely knowledgeable. They were able to help my family through the entire criminal (in)justice process from beginning to end. I firmly believe that had it not been for Robert, my mother would easily not be in this country any longer. Robert takes his job very seriously and performs his duties thoroughly. He goes beyond what is simply required of him and exhausts all options available to his clients. He is not merely a lawyer but an advocate for his clients' rights and freedom. Even several months after the case was closed, his staff calls to make sure my mother is on the right track and is taking the right steps to rectify her situation. From start to end, Robert has never let us down and continues to impress my mom and my family.

– Anonymous

Personal Injury

I used Sarah for my personal injury case and she was very professional and compassionate. She fought with the insurance company on my behalf to ensure they did the right thing, and made sure I got what I deserved for my injuries and suffering. I have already recommended her to several people, and will continue to do so because she is very knowledgeable and works hard for her clients.

– Anonymous

I Recommend Sarah

I met Sarah in 2012 when facing a federal charge. Sarah was very knowledgable and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I felt very confident in her ability to defend me against the charges and wow...she really did put in a lot of hard work on my case, sometimes calling me late at night (which was welcome and invited). A lawyer...calling me at 8pm in Saturday to get some information from me as she was developing my defense? Totally awesome. Now I was facing some jail time and I don't think any amount of work or magic on anybody's part could have spared me that fate. But her diligence and creativity in writing our sentencing memorandum got me a 33% downward departure from he sentencing me back over six months of my life. Because of her, I never missed a holiday with my children and I am forever in her debt. Thank you Sarah. You are truly talented and if you handle future cases with the same caliber you handled mine, you have many years of success ahead of you.

– Ryan

Sarah and Her Staff's Law Professional Service Is Rapid Responsive, Informative, Trustworthy, Excellent; Defended My Innocence

Sarah and her staff's law professional service is rapid responsive, rapid informative to me, trustworthy, excellent; Sarah and her excellent staff endeavor have defended the justice of the law, defended the dignity of the law and defended my innocence; and given me the reborn.
Sarah and her staff have investigated all the details for my case

Sarah and her staff provided the rapid legal service no matter weekday or weekend, no matter in day time or not daytime, their service is always in-time excellent in all the time, she is one of the best professional in legal service.
Sarah and her staff have investigated all the situations and provide for the justice in the process of the legal service.
Sarah and her staff have the excellent professional on the law
Sarah and her staff have provided me the best communication to me for defending the innocence
In the court Sarah and her staff have defended the justice of the law
In the court Sarah and her staff have defend the dignity of the law
In the court Sarah and her staff have defended my innocence.
Sarah and her entire staff provided the encouragement to me during my hardship helped me strongly continue going my life in my difficult time; their every endeavor in law service provided for me is in time and excellent during the whole process.
Sarah and her staff's legal service is excellent
Sarah and her staff's legal service is rapid
Sarah and her staff's legal service is trustworthy

– Steven

The Best Attorney in Greater Seattle Area

If you are ever stuck in an unfortunate legal trouble, go to Sarah. Period.

I say this out of my experience working with her as my attorney. Not only is she extremely responsive, she is highly capable. She knows what she is doing. I came to Sarah a little late in my case after a huge disappointment from my first attorney. Sarah picked up the remainder of my case and guided me throughout - the result is that I got an early dismissal.

I am very happy to have had Sarah Perez represent me and I highly recommend her

– Anonymous

Excellent Lawyer

I was so impressed with Sarah & her Legal staff, I would definately recommend her to anyone who needed a really good lawyer.

I contacted Sarah shortly after I found out I was facing a Warrant & Criminal Charges over a traffic ticket I had been making payments on. I couldnt figure out how this could happen...
I was shocked, suprised, upset & afraid to even step out of my house!

I was so impressed by the way Sarah handled everything, even after our first phone conversation I imediately felt at ease. She not only helped calm me down & re-assured me it would be ok, She took the time to 'really listen' to all the detailed facts regaurding my case.
After talking to her I could tell I was in good hands, Sarah was extremely knowledgable, prompt, organized & very passionate about her work.

Within 2 days Sarah was able to 'Quash' my warrant completely & arrange a court date explaining my situation to a Judge.
It turned out the criminal charges & warrant was all due to a clerical error in the system.
Not only did Sarah resolve my situation efficiently & quickly... she helped save me alot of money, & possbible jail time in the end.

I would highly recommend Sarah from Perez Law to anyone; if I ever need a lawyer again she is definately getting the first call.

Thank you so much Sarah!

– Anonymous

“He Was Always Good-Natured, Calm, and Kind in Our Interactions, but In Trial He Defended This Case Like His Own Life Depended on It.”

Imagine you are interviewed about a case, and then never heard anything about it again - until 10 years later you are arrested for charges you never knew about. To describe it in one word - devastating! In one afternoon our whole life was upside down and we felt helpless. We hired an attorney in the area who urged us to take a plea deal, but we were confident about our case even when she wasn't and we refused to take the plea deal. It was time to find someone new so we Google searched, asked for recommendations, looked at online reviews, etc. Robert stood out in our interviews because he was instantly passionate about our case. He listened to our extremely long explanation of the intricate nature of the case and all of the little bits of information we thought were key. He really took the time to analyze the information we were giving him, provide feedback, and advise us even though we hadn't retained him yet. He was able to give us a key piece of knowledge that dramatically changed the direction of our case. I asked about the cost to retain his services for this case and was a little surprised by the cost – it was much more than we paid the previous attorney. He explained, very patiently, that this is what it takes to defend this type of case. He couldn't have been more on-point. Looking back on it now, he was worth every single penny and then some. The time and resources it took to defend this case were quite extensive and the consequences for losing were high. We also looked at the cost of continuing services with the attorney we had already retained and calculated that her fees would add up to the same cost, if not more, by the time we got through trial as she charges hourly. Robert explained everything to us every step of the way. He explained that there were times when we wouldn't hear from him or his team – simply because nothing was going on with the case. Even though we were living it every minute of every day, that's not the reality for the attorneys or the court system. Often times they are waiting for evidence, waiting for a hearing, waiting, waiting, waiting. (Did I mention it was on-going for a year and a half?) Not only did we get the time and expertise of Robert throughout our case but we also got the expertise of his dedicated and amazing staff. The majority of the time, we worked with Robert but when he was in other trials there was always someone there to answer our questions and provide guidance. We crossed our fingers and hoped the prosecution would offer a plea deal that would make it worth pleading guilty to a crime that wasn't committed and put this all behind us but it never came. We decided to decline their plea deals and take our chances in trial. Robert warned us that trial is risky but pleading guilty, jail time, and being a convicted felon seemed worse than taking our chances with a jury. Robert was impressive in the court room. He was always good-natured, calm, and kind in our interactions, but in trial he defended this case like his own life depended on it. Robert maintained a high level of professionalism and respect while arguing his point on our behalf and shocked the court room with some of the motions he was granted – they had never been granted before. During our trial, his daughter/partner was also present as his co-counsel. We loved how the two of them worked together with their different perspectives and were really on top of every word that was said in that court room – it was obvious they were as invested in this as we were. The jury voted Not Guilty! Robert and his team exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. We had the opportunity to work with 4 total attorneys throughout this case and none of them came close to the professionalism, passion, care, concern, dedication, knowledge, focus and piece of mind Robert and his team gave us.

– Anonymous

“I Was Pleased to Find Available an Attorney as Well-Qualified and Competent as Robert Perez.”

As a veteran police officer, I had the opportunity to experience and observe the workings of the criminal justice system hundreds of times. I had first-hand experience with both good and bad examples of those individuals professionally involved in the system, including police, defense lawyers and prosecutors. Finding competent professionals in that environment was not always easy. That is why, when circumstances arose where I needed to retain legal representation to defend me in a criminal matter, I was pleased to find available an attorney as well-qualified and competent as Robert Perez.

– Anonymous

“Sarah and Her Staff's Professional Service Was Rapid, Responsive, and Informative to Me.”

Sarah and her staff's professional service was rapid, responsive, and informative to me. She was trustworthy and excellent; Sarah's endeavor defended the justice of the law, defended the dignity of the law and defended my innocence; and gave me a rebirth. Sarah and her staff investigated all the details of my case. Sarah and provided rapid legal service no matter weekday or weekend, no matter daytime or not daytime, their service was always in-time excellent, she is one of the best professionals I have ever hired. Sarah provided the best communication and encouragement to me during my hardship and helped me strongly continue going on with my life in my difficult time. Sarah is trustworthy and honorable and in the end the jury agreed with her and found me Not Guilty because of her efforts alone.

– Anonymous

“Robert Perez Loves the Law and Believes in What He Does.”

I was at one time a practicing lawyer, and so it was devastating when I found myself facing criminal charges of theft of approximately $25,000. I initially hired another well-known attorney, and he advised me to enter a plea. With little resources and living out of state, I did so. At sentencing, however, the victim showed up and introduced "evidence" that I stole hundreds of thousands of dollars. My attorney didn't see it coming - the plea agreement was in jeopardy, and I was looking at 10 years in prison! With the support of family, I dismissed that attorney and sought new counsel. This time I went to Robert Perez. The case was a mess. I was facing a long sentence, loss of everything, husband, kids and the ability to practice law ever again. I e-mailed him and was first impressed with the e-mail response. It was detailed, thoughtful and well-written. This meant a lot to me as my communication with my attorney, from out of state, would mostly be by e-mail. We then had a long phone conversation. I was impressed with the calm, reasoned and thorough approach he took. He agreed to take my case. He immediately went to work, obtaining copies of all documents. When I finally met with him I was impressed at how organized his office, his staff and, most importantly, my file was. He had obtained documents no one else had. He had gone to the courthouse and talked with people and really worked my case. It shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was. Robert Perez loves the law and believes in what he does. It is the thread of the work he weaves. It makes all the difference in the world to your case. He will take the time to understand the facts, to read the documents, to hear what you are saying. If you listen to Robert Perez speak for any length of time that passion will be heard and felt in his voice and in his actions. That passion and that strength make a difference to the clients, to the cases and, I believe, to the outcome. After months of hard work and dedication and mountains of documents, Mr. Perez was able to successfully defend my plea agreement. I wound up doing 19 days on Work Release (in my home state), and he reduced restitution from $138,000 to $25,000. I truly believe that, had I gone to Mr. Perez when the allegations first started, I might not have ever been charged. I went to him late, but thankfully, not too late.

– Anonymous

“In Every Single Instance, My Questions Were Answered Completely and In a Timely Manner.”

After my ex-wife forced her way into my home and assaulted me, I found myself in the surreal position of having to mount a criminal defense, for the police arrested and charged me with assault instead of her. Having interviewed a few different attorneys, I knew immediately that Robert was the one I wanted to represent me. He radiated a combination of competence, compassion, patience and respect. He was not arrogant, distant or rushed. He gave me the time to tell my story, and he explained the relevant legal issues in a way that made sense to me. During the course of my case, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my first impressions held true. That initial free consultation had not simply been a sales job. Robert and his staff were highly responsive, and I put them to the test by asking a lot of questions via e-mail, answering machine, on the phone and in-person. In every single instance, my questions were answered completely and in a timely manner. Moreover, I could tell that they believed in me, in my innocence and were on the ball when it came to pursuing leads and acquiring the information necessary to successfully defend me. I always felt that they "had my back" and, as it turned out, Robert's legal expertise allowed him to exploit an unexpected sequence of events that, along with the hard work preparing a solid defense, led to a complete dismissal. If ever again I find myself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing legal representation in a criminal matter, I will not hesitate to call Robert Perez.

– Anonymous

“I Will Forever Be Indebted to Robert Perez for The Hard-Work He Did on My Case.”

I was new to the Seattle area and new to the world of criminal defense when my spouse accused me of domestic violence. I had no idea what to do. I surveyed many criminal defense lawyers in the area, but most of them suggested that a plea deal would be the easiest and only way out. I was against a plea deal in principle because I was completely innocent. Although I had been arrested, I had not yet been charged and most lawyers told me that nothing could be done until I was charged. I was also quite concerned that a plea deal would have drastic ramifications on my immigration process and hence my career. Only Robert understood the immigration aspects of the potential charges and fought hard in my case (harder than I could have imagined). He also urged quick action before a charging decision could be made and was the only lawyer I spoke to who understood that by acting now, during the pre-charge investigation, there was a chance that a criminal prosecution could be avoided altogether. I was completely naïve, and Robert advised me of my rights at every stage. Robert questioned the police officer with critical questions regarding inconsistencies in the report. He was successful in convincing the prosecutors of the ulterior motives of my spouse in the case, highlighting glaring inconsistencies in the police report and timing of events. He even pointed out technological flaws in my spouse's "evidence" that cast doubt on its authenticity. Amazingly, the prosecutors declined to prosecute. I will forever be indebted to Robert Perez for the hard-work he did on my case. He was the difference between a no prosecution decision and a plea deal (and potential ramification including deportation). All along, his office staff was very courteous and prompt in response. I hope that you will never have to look for a criminal defense attorney if you are innocent, but if you do, you cannot find a better lawyer than Robert Perez

– Anonymous

“One of The Best Decisions I Have Ever Made in My Life.”

2007 had to be the most challenging year of my life. Never had I imagined that what I was about to face would ultimately change my outlook in life. Nevertheless, the surprise was not in life itself but in the outcome of my case a year later. In November 2006, forgery and money laundering charges were filed against me in connection with allegations of mortgage fraud. I was not aware of what I needed to do, and I was not able to show up to court for my arraignment. I was arrested and booked in the King County Jail a week later. After spending a day in jail, I was so distressed, confused and severely depressed. I needed to be pro-active, and I only had one chance to get my life back. I found Mr. Robert Perez and found him to be the best in the field. Mr. Perez and his staff worked very hard to handle my case with care. He assured me that even though there were no guarantees, he would do his best in seeking for the most favorable outcome. I believed in his capacity to communicate on my behalf. He was focused on my case. He briefed me on everything that was going on every step of the way. His positive demeanor and assurance made me feel very hopeful, and slowly, I was beginning to see that there was a future worth fighting for. I felt as if my case was very important and the only one he was working on, although I knew his caseload was full. He cared for the outcome of my case. He expressed concern for how I was holding up every time we had a court appointment. I appreciated that his staff took the time to remind me of court. Then, came the surprise. By God's grace, through the dedication of one attorney, Mr. Robert Perez, his passion for his profession, his care and concern for his clients and his perseverance-- we got NOT A SURPRISE, but rather, A RESULT. He was able to get my CASE DISMISSED. My case did not go to trial, it was simply dismissed. I am very proud, and I highly recommend Mr. Robert Perez and his staff, including Sarah and Dorothy, to anyone seeking legal counsel. I believe that the decisions and choices we make in the course of our adversities will affect our very lives. I deserve an attorney who will represent my case with passion for positive results. Mr. Perez and his staff went beyond the call of duty. Even after the dismissal of my case, they continued to call me to make sure I was doing alright. My decision of who would be my legal counsel during this difficult time, was by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Again I -- Thank You Very Much!

– Anonymous

“The Quality of Service My Family and I Received Was Always Outstanding.”

My brother was facing a serious crime (Murder 1), and so my family and I began the search for an attorney we felt would best represent him. As we were searching, we came across the website of Robert Perez; and we began to read what he had to offer to his clients along with his history with past cases. After continuing the research, we were satisfied with the information we read and scheduled a free consultation with Robert. After the consultation, we liked what he had to offer but still searched for other attorneys. After meeting with all the attorneys we researched as potential representation for my brother, it was clear that Robert was the best lawyer, and we appointed him to be our defender. Throughout the entirety of this case (a very complex one with an existing myriad of problems), Robert's dedication, hard work and determination only increased. He would spend immense time to find ways to help my brother in this truly unfortunate predicament. During the trial, there were several unexpected things that surfaced, but Robert was quick on his feet and handled all of the legal matters effectively. Most significantly, he never gave up. Through the twists and turns the trial presented, Robert fiercely persevered. Not only did Robert show extraordinary work in this case, but Cynthia and his other staff that works beside him did phenomenally as well. The quality of service my family and I received was always outstanding. Whenever we had questions or needed help with anything, they were there to assist us in any way. My brother and our family appreciate the tremendous amount of effort that he and his staff have contributed not only through the duration of this trial but even now. If you are looking for an attorney who will fight endlessly and who adamantly believes in the pursuit of justice, the Law Office of Robert Perez is where you will find this. Their work will never be forgotten but appreciated for a lifetime.

– Anonymous

“I Want to Thank You for The Stupendous Job You Did on My Case.”

Robert, you represented me in my case and did an outstanding job. It took courage and confidence to take my case all the way to the day of jury trial in order to get the prosecutor to completely dismiss the felony prosecution against me. On the day of trial! I want to thank you for the stupendous job you did on my case. Your biggest asset is your intelligence, and you went out of your way to think of everything that could possibly be done to strengthen my case. Thank you also for being a caring person, as well as a professional.

– Anonymous

"Sarah Perez instilled confidence that gave me comfort"

Needing a lawyer rarely involves much pleasure. But finding a great lawyer when you need one definitely overrides that rule. Sarah Perez instilled a confidence that gave me comfort. She is thorough in gathering information and in providing it. After our initial session I had a solid sense of what was to come, what I needed to do and what I could expect from her and her firm. It was also very clear that I was not just engaging a well experienced attorney, I was getting a full set of legal resources. In my case, this absolutely is the case.