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We're here to help you fight for one. Perez & Perez Law PLLC is committed to pursuing justice for you. Whether you were a victim of a crime or you're dealing with the fallout of a personal injury, we will be with you every step of the way.

Our Washington and Idaho clients deserve a complete team of subject-matter experts to assist them through the process, smoothly and efficiently.

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From a family of attorneys to building a dedicated all-women law firm, Sarah Perez and her team at Perez Perez Law stand by your side after motor vehicle or DUI accidents. Hear David's experience and learn why we're the legal experts you deserve.

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Perez & Perez Law PLLC is a family-run firm that has been serving the people of California (1977-1987), Washington (2005-current), and Idaho (2023-current) for decades. Over our careers, we have earned a reputation as hard-hitting, no-nonsense attorneys committed to the success of our clients. Our main office is in Seattle, Washington and we routinely travel throughout Washington State and Idaho to represent our clients.

We consider ourselves old-school attorneys who rely on hard work, exceptional preparation, and airtight logic to win cases. And unlike most attorneys, we only settle when it suits our clients. We are always prepared and willing to fight all the way through trial for the justice our clients deserve. We value efficient and effective representation for our personal injury and crime victim representation clients. Our team has extensive experience in the courtroom and is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively represent our clients' cases.

When you're out on the road, there's always a risk of getting into a motor vehicle accident. But let's not forget, the risk shoots up when there's a drunk driver involved. DUI accidents aren't just scary, they're downright dangerous and can lead to serious injuries, or worse. It's crucial to understand your rights if you've been in such an accident. A good legal expert can guide you through the process, so get the right legal help when you need it the most.

We have deep forensic and trial knowledge and only work with the best subject matter experts to support our cases. Decades of combined experience help us create unique legal strategies that suit our clients' needs. If you're struggling with insurance claims after a painful car accident, struggling with the wrongful death of a loved one, or building a defense against criminal charges, call today. We're here to take the lead and help you pursue justice. Enjoy peace of mind during troubled times with the knowledge that Perez & Perez Law PLLC is fighting for you