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Crime Victim Representation Attorneys in Seattle, Washington

When you have been a victim of a crime, you should always report the crime to your local police station. There are other ways that you can seek justice, as well. Our attorneys at Perez & Perez Law PLLC have experience as criminal defense attorneys, which gives them the knowledge and insight to challenge offenders in a personal injury suit. When you or your children have been taken advantage of, reach out to our aggressive aggressive crime victim advocates in Seattle, Washington, and hold your abusers accountable in court.

Seek Trustworthy Counsel After Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is unfortunately very common in the United States. In an injury case, a victim is able to file a lawsuit within three years of the time that the act caused the injury for which the claim is brought. That means, even if a child was abused at a young age but did not realize the harm that was caused to him or her until recently, the injury did not occur until that point.

Child Sexual Abuse Victims

Any crime against a child is deplorable, especially if that crime involves sexual abuse. Sexual abuse towards a child can include the following acts:

  • Child Molestation or Rape of a Child

  • Communication with a Minor for an Immoral Purpose;

  • Exposure to sexual videos, games, pictures, or other images

  • Forced viewing of sexual acts

  • Any other lewd behavior

We also represent children that have been abused in other ways like bodily harm, neglect, and other forms of abuse. If your child has been a victim of a heartless crime, reach out to our attorneys at Perez & Perez Law PLLC today in Seattle, and let them take the burden off of your family’s shoulders.

Sexual Assault Victims

One of the scariest experiences a person can face is becoming the victim of sexual assault. While we encourage you to report a crime to the police, you can also reach out to us and hold your abuser accountable in civil court. We will fight for the compensation that you deserve. When times get hard, we will take over the case for you and lead the way through this difficult process. Contact our law firm today in Seattle, Washington, and set up a consultation.

Hold your abuser accountable. Reach out to us today for steadfast representation.

Seeking Compensation Through Third Parties

Oftentimes, an abuser will be held accountable for his or her actions, but will not have the means to pay for the treatment or other needed compensation. In cases like these, we can hold any related third parties responsible for the actions of this person. That can include schools, churches, employers, doctors’ offices, and more. Our attorneys will not give up on seeking the compensation that you deserve and will exhaust all possible outlets to find a solution that is fitting for your unique set of circumstances. Contact our law firm today in Seattle, Washington, and speak to our attorneys.

Let an Experienced Attorney Fight For Your Rights

Any type of abuse is difficult to handle. That is why you do not have to do it by yourself. Our crime victim attorneys are here to tell your story and hold your abuser accountable in a court of law. We take charge of the case and attempt to make the process as stress-free as possible for you and your family. If you or your child are experiencing trauma from a sexual assault, take the steps to seek the compensation that is owed to you and your family. Reach out to our law firm today in Seattle, Washington, and set up a consultation with our attorneys.