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It is frightfully easy to file a domestic violence charge and almost impossible to prevent formal charges once a complaint has been made. All it takes is a 911 call. Once law enforcement is on the scene, they will separate and question both the alleged victim and the accused. They will make an arrest. If this happens to you, do not agree to questioning. Take full advantage of your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. Call a Bellevue domestic violence defense lawyer who will put your interests first.

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Domestic violence cases present a number of challenges that can only be faced head on by a competent criminal defense attorney. Did you know:

  • Under Washington State's mandatory arrest law, police are required to make an arrest if they arrive within 4 hours of a 911 call about an alleged domestic violence incident, if there is probable cause that one or both parties have committed an act of domestic violence.
  • Even if the victim decides he or she wants to withdraw domestic abuse allegations, it will be up to the prosecutor to decide whether to move forward with the case.
  • The United States Supreme Court ruled that 911 calls made by the accuser can be introduced into evidence in domestic violence cases. This means that, even if the alleged victim will not testify, the 911 call recording could be used against you.

These factors certainly make domestic violence cases more difficult to deal with, but at Perez & Perez Law, PLLC we are up to the challenge. We do not shy away from problematic cases because we are confident in our ability to strategically negotiate and aggressively litigate as each case requires.

Do not jeopardize your future with an inexperienced lawyer. Contact a Bellevue domestic violence defense attorney at (425) 748-5005.

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