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Conviction of a property crime can have major consequences for your life. A criminal prosecution for theft, forgery, or any property crime involving dishonesty may result in the denial of your employment, denial of housing or loss of a professional license. Employers and landlords are now doing background checks before doing business with you. And in many cases, people are actually being fired from their jobs after employers learn of even the most minor acts of dishonesty.

If you're not a citizen, you may even face deportation. Even petty theft can be considered a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT) and may result in adverse immigration consequences, including automatic deportation or a denial of re-admission to the United States. A property crime on your record can have a devastating impact on your life, don't let it happen.


Modern white collar criminal prosecutions frequently rely on technologies such as video surveillance, webcams, wiretaps, and GPS devices. For a complete defense, you need an attorney who understands the limitations of technology and who can provide an effective technology counter punch on your side. Robert Perez has extensive experience both as a criminal defense attorney and as an engineer. As a result, our firm knows how to challenge forensic evidence from both a legal and a technological perspective. This is an advantage for YOU that provides another edge against the prosecutor and gives you a separate line of attack against the government's case.

In addition to breathtaking jail sentences, punishments for these "white collar" crimes often include sizable fines and large restitution orders, even for first time offenders. Don't let the government make an example out of you. Contact us immediately if you've been arrested, questioned or even told that you are under investigation for a property crime. Don't let anyone tell you to wait until you've been arrested, that's bad advice and there's plenty that can be done at even the earliest stages.


Make no assumptions about what will happen to you as a first-time offender. The economic downturn and Wall Street abuses have shined a white-hot spotlight on white collar crimes like theft and fraud and in many cases first-time offenders are being sent to prison in cases that would have resulted in probation just a few years ago. Don't take chances with your life; act promptly at the first indication that you are under investigation.

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