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Burglary is a serious crime with severe consequences. An arrest and conviction for a residential burglary can be a life-changing event that may result in stiff punishment, including state prison time. Residential burglaries and home invasions are always in the news and have reached epidemic proportions in many communities. Courts routinely hand out heavy sentences, even to first time offenders. Highly publicized Craigslist cases resulting in home invasions have focused public attention on the need to inflict stiff punishments for Burglaries. If you're facing a Burglary charge, get an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.


To convict you of burglary, theft or any other "specific intent" crime, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you had a specific mental intent during the commission of the crime. In a burglary case the government must prove not only that you entered the premises but also that you did so with the specific intent to commit a crime while inside. This specific mental intent is a required element of the offense, and the entire case can be defeated if this intent is successfully challenged.

As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we know how to effectively challenge specific intent in burglary prosecutions. These cases present complex factual defenses that require an absolute command of the facts and the evidence. Whatever facts are available to your defense, they need to be presented with the confidence that comes from years of experience and comfort in front of a jury.

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