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There is nothing quite as volatile as an accusation of a sex offense. Everyone has strong feelings about these crimes and sex offenders, and this can quickly color one's view of a person accused of or charged with a sex-related crime. At Perez & Perez Law, PLLC we understand what is at stake in these cases. Even a wrongful accusation of child pornography, sexual assault, or molestation can bring your life and career to a staggering halt. We can provide the representation you need to navigate a system that is stacked against you. With a sex crime lawyer from our firm by your side, you have the chance to seek a positive result to this extremely negative matter.

“Robert Perez is a great Attorney. I came to him when I was accused of horrific sexual contact with a minor crime, which I am completely innocent of. A lot of the facts of the accusations came from a minor whom I truly cared for as a father, but unfortunately my kindness and sincerity was misinterpreted as inappropriate, and it didn't help that I come for a culture that is very expressive of affection by hugging and embracing people you care for (NEVER AGAIN), and even worse, in my profession, I work with women as well. I told Robert that I am innocent, and he fought for me, day in and day out. It was a turbulent and stressful even that has shaken my life and that of my family. In the end, Robert Perez believed in me and he saw through all the smoke-mirrors and was able to reach an equitable resolution in my favor. I will recommend Robert Perez to anyone who's wrongly accused.
He fights to the finish, and I am glad I went to him.” 
- Anonymous

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Many sex crime cases are “he said, she said” matters, meaning it can come down to one person's word against another. It is important to remember that guilt must be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Although law enforcement personnel may be quick to make an arrest based on an alleged victim's word alone, this should not necessarily support a criminal case against the accused. From the instant you find yourself accused of a sex crime, protect yourself by remaining silent and requesting an attorney.

Our Bellevue sex crime defense attorneys handle cases involving:

You do not want to live the rest of your life as a registered sex offender. You should not leave any aspect of your case vulnerable to an overzealous prosecutor who will seek the maximum sentence and leave you facing a lengthy prison term. Involve our firm as soon as possible and give yourself the best chance at an acquittal or dismissal.

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