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Crimes that cross state lines are committed against the United States, or that are in violation of federal law are classified as federal crimes. They are investigated by agencies like the FBI and DEA and are prosecuted in United States District Courts. Completely different laws and rules apply when it comes to federal crimes. The federal law enforcement agencies that investigate these offenses typically have far more resources and experience to build evidence against you. If you are under investigation by a federal agency or have been indicted or subpoenaed by a federal Grand Jury, you need to act now to protect your rights.

Perez & Perez Law, PLLC provides pre-charge representation and defense counsel in the face of federal investigations and charges across Bellevue and the surrounding areas in Washington. With a federal criminal defense attorney from our firm by our side, you can feel confident that your own interests are being protected to the fullest extent. We are tireless, hard-working, and experienced.

“I met Sarah in 2012 when facing a federal charge. Sarah was very knowledgeable and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I felt very confident in her ability to defend me against the charges and wow...she really did put in a lot of hard work on my case, sometimes calling me late at night (which was welcome and invited). A lawyer...calling me at 8pm in Saturday to get some information from me as she was developing my defense? Totally awesome. Now I was facing some jail time and I don't think any amount of work or magic on anybody's part could have spared me that fate. But her diligence and creativity in writing our sentencing memorandum got me a 33% downward departure from he sentencing me back over six months of my life. Because of her, I never missed a holiday with my children and I am forever in her debt. Thank you Sarah. You are truly talented and if you handle future cases with the same caliber you handled mine, you have many years of success ahead of you.” 
- Ryan

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When to Involve a Federal Crime Lawyer

Wondering whether to involve a lawyer? If you are even asking yourself this question, you are most likely in immediate need of legal counsel. It does not matter if formal charges have not been filed or if a federal agent has said he or she only needs to ask you a few questions.


  • You have the right to refuse a request to search your person or property.
  • You have the right to an attorney.
  • You have the right to remain silent.

Cooperating with federal law enforcement and prosecutors may only harm your chances at a fair trial. Involve a Bellevue federal crime lawyer as soon as possible and know that your rights will be well-protected from the beginning. Our team handles federal cases with the competence that comes with experience, resources, and understanding.

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