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“He was always good-natured, calm, and kind in our interactions, but in trial he defended this case like his own life depended on it.”

Imagine you are interviewed about a case, and then never heard anything about it again - until 10 years later you are arrested for charges you never knew about. To describe it in one word - devastating! In one afternoon our whole life was upside down and we felt helpless. We hired an attorney in the area who urged us to take a plea deal, but we were confident about our case even when she wasn't and we refused to take the plea deal. It was time to find someone new so we Google searched, asked for recommendations, looked at online reviews, etc. Robert stood out in our interviews because he was instantly passionate about our case. He listened to our extremely long explanation of the intricate nature of the case and all of the little bits of information we thought were key. He really took the time to analyze the information we were giving him, provide feedback, and advise us even though we hadn't retained him yet. He was able to give us a key piece of knowledge that dramatically changed the direction of our case. I asked about the cost to retain his services for this case and was a little surprised by the cost – it was much more than we paid the previous attorney. He explained, very patiently, that this is what it takes to defend this type of case. He couldn't have been more on-point. Looking back on it now, he was worth every single penny and then some. The time and resources it took to defend this case were quite extensive and the consequences for losing were high. We also looked at the cost of continuing services with the attorney we had already retained and calculated that her fees would add up to the same cost, if not more, by the time we got through trial as she charges hourly. Robert explained everything to us every step of the way. He explained that there were times when we wouldn't hear from him or his team – simply because nothing was going on with the case. Even though we were living it every minute of every day, that's not the reality for the attorneys or the court system. Often times they are waiting for evidence, waiting for a hearing, waiting, waiting, waiting. (Did I mention it was on-going for a year and a half?) Not only did we get the time and expertise of Robert throughout our case but we also got the expertise of his dedicated and amazing staff. The majority of the time, we worked with Robert but when he was in other trials there was always someone there to answer our questions and provide guidance. We crossed our fingers and hoped the prosecution would offer a plea deal that would make it worth pleading guilty to a crime that wasn't committed and put this all behind us but it never came. We decided to decline their plea deals and take our chances in trial. Robert warned us that trial is risky but pleading guilty, jail time, and being a convicted felon seemed worse than taking our chances with a jury. Robert was impressive in the court room. He was always good-natured, calm, and kind in our interactions, but in trial he defended this case like his own life depended on it. Robert maintained a high level of professionalism and respect while arguing his point on our behalf and shocked the court room with some of the motions he was granted – they had never been granted before. During our trial, his daughter/partner was also present as his co-counsel. We loved how the two of them worked together with their different perspectives and were really on top of every word that was said in that court room – it was obvious they were as invested in this as we were. The jury voted Not Guilty! Robert and his team exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. We had the opportunity to work with 4 total attorneys throughout this case and none of them came close to the professionalism, passion, care, concern, dedication, knowledge, focus and piece of mind Robert and his team gave us.

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