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“Robert Perez loves the law and believes in what he does.”

I was at one time a practicing lawyer, and so it was devastating when I found myself facing criminal charges of theft of approximately $25,000. I initially hired another well-known attorney, and he advised me to enter a plea. With little resources and living out of state, I did so. At sentencing, however, the victim showed up and introduced "evidence" that I stole hundreds of thousands of dollars. My attorney didn't see it coming - the plea agreement was in jeopardy, and I was looking at 10 years in prison! With the support of family, I dismissed that attorney and sought new counsel. This time I went to Robert Perez. The case was a mess. I was facing a long sentence, loss of everything, husband, kids and the ability to practice law ever again. I e-mailed him and was first impressed with the e-mail response. It was detailed, thoughtful and well-written. This meant a lot to me as my communication with my attorney, from out of state, would mostly be by e-mail. We then had a long phone conversation. I was impressed with the calm, reasoned and thorough approach he took. He agreed to take my case. He immediately went to work, obtaining copies of all documents. When I finally met with him I was impressed at how organized his office, his staff and, most importantly, my file was. He had obtained documents no one else had. He had gone to the courthouse and talked with people and really worked my case. It shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was. Robert Perez loves the law and believes in what he does. It is the thread of the work he weaves. It makes all the difference in the world to your case. He will take the time to understand the facts, to read the documents, to hear what you are saying. If you listen to Robert Perez speak for any length of time that passion will be heard and felt in his voice and in his actions. That passion and that strength make a difference to the clients, to the cases and, I believe, to the outcome. After months of hard work and dedication and mountains of documents, Mr. Perez was able to successfully defend my plea agreement. I wound up doing 19 days on Work Release (in my home state), and he reduced restitution from $138,000 to $25,000. I truly believe that, had I gone to Mr. Perez when the allegations first started, I might not have ever been charged. I went to him late, but thankfully, not too late.

– Anonymous

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