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August 13, 2013

May i say that i am very proud and pleased with the results of my attorney who put forth the most effort and hard work for my case. Yes her name is Sarah Perez and if your struggling like me with a legal matter please please please just give her a call and she will grant you one of her spectacular free counsels for you at no charge. And she will explain in detail what she plans on doing for your case and what her strategies are for approaching the prosecuter with and all. Let me tell you she is a miracle that God put on this earth and i appreciate her and think and thank her everyday in my heart for not only dissmissing a very large and risky charge of a Theft in 1st degree but by also sticking by my side and owning her word by no extra charges to me as we were moving into a trial. All the staff and hard work she does is 100% Legit and Professional you cant do yourself a better favor than by choosing Sarah Perez to throw her hardcore game and get the case resolved like she did for me. I glad too say me my family my future for my kids is All Free now. No drama No charges no more court shes your problem solver trust me. I am a real person whos life and future was in danger with no crimal history

– Ashley

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